Renewal Initiative

As we plan for the new program year we invite you to participate in the 2021 Renewal Initiative. This will be an opportunity to both celebrate your gracious generosity in 2020 and to invite you to again give to support the mission and ministry of the Christian Church in Ohio and Camp Christian in 2021. Your gift will do two things: it will keep us on solid ground and it will move us forward confidently as we reimagine new ways of being Christ’s church at work and in witness to the world.

In 2020 you far exceeded expectations for the Renewal Initiative by giving $120,028.44 towards our initial goal of $75,000. Your gifts were designated:
• $20,523.75 towards the Regional Church Operating Expenses
• $55,334.69 towards the Camp Christian Operating Expenses
• $44,171.00 to where we needed it most

Abundant thanks go out to the 23 congregations, 65 clergy, and 156 laypersons who gave to the Renewal Initiative. You have made the ministry we are doing possible!

Our hope is to raise with the Renewal Initiative at least $100,000 this fall, and already you have given $34,450.00 toward this goal. Once again we are asking for your generosity through your prayers and financial support. We also hope to double the number of congregations (50), clergy (130), and laypersons (300) who support the ministry of the Regional Church through this effort.

For more information about the Renewal Initiative, including an up to date 2021 giving status, a full brochure, and more, go to

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