Green Chair Fundraiser!!!

Green Chair Image

The green Adirondack chairs at Camp Christian have become almost a tradition at Camp. The conversations and fellowship that happens around the circles of these chairs during the summer is regularly listed as a favorite amongst Campers.

Every summer the campers express a desire for more green chair circles.  With this in mind, the Camp Christian Committee has put together a fundraiser to include the whole region as we provide chairs for the campers while raising needed funds for camp.

Our plan is to make 45 chairs (20 to stay at camp, the other 25 going to peoples’ homes) and to raise $10,000. 

The funds raised will go to Camp Operations (repairs, general maintenance, utilities, kitchen needs, and supporting staff members).

We are building and want to obtain sponsors for 20 chairs that would ultimately remain at camp.  We will also take orders for up to 25 more chairs that people can buy for their own use.  Sponsored chairs staying at camp would include a dedication plate on them with wording chosen by the sponsor.


Ordering will end when all the chairs are sponsored or sold, or the end of April.  Credit cards are accepted. Purchased chairs may be picked up at camp during the Camp Christian Market Day on May 2, or delivered to your church in late May, if you prefer.

Thank you for your help in publicizing this vital camp fundraiser.  The link here is a flyer you can print and post in your church.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Camp Christian Committee at or contact Rev. Chad Delaney at

NOTE: After you have made payment, you will recieve a more detailed order form to complete. To see this form ahead of time, click HERE.

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