Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes taken at the October CCC meeting. We invite you to read through the minutes with grace and understanding that it may not all make sense, but we are doing our best to make sense of it all.

October 26, 2019 Camp Christian Committee meeting

Location: Camp Christian Time: 10 am – 3 pm

Present: Chairs:  Chad Delaney& Alecia Hayes,members: Rev Jim Bane, Bruce Bowerman-Jett, Tom Bowerman-Jett, Audrey Connor, Julie Gromofsky, Ali Miguel, Marsha Mueller, Daun Seitz, Gerald Western, Klair Hoover  Personnel: Ted Nelson Absent: Amanda Blaine, Ann Overturf, David Stonebraker, Jeff Gill, 

  1. 10:00-10:20 Gathering  Prayer: Audrey Connor
  2. 10:20-11:00 How has Camp Christian affected you? Discussion
  3. 11:00-12:00 Discussion of purview of committee and grounds projects needed to fulfill.


Phase 1: This year (late 2019) with running the 3 phase power to the shop from WWTP and to completely decommission the lift station and the old WWTP to meet regulatory requirements and to reduce exposed liability: $34,000

Phase 2: When weather permits to do the drainage around cabins A, B, C, and the gym: $40,5000

Motion: by Bruce Bowerman-Jett Seconded by Julie Gromofsky

Unanimous vote.

The committee called October 26, 2019 called Gladys Davis to confirm the amounts available.

  1. 12:00-12:24 break
  2. 12:24 – Discussion about the land surrounding camp
  • The capital campaign “Keep the Fire Burning 2.0” approved at RCC minutes
  • Per the RCC, “if we don’t sell the 28 acres for $30,000, then we can’t use that money to sell”. This was tabled; however, these numbers were incorporated for 2020 budget.
  • Camp director position: they made a proposal as a part-time curate/camp Christian director and it was too much for part time. This is regional council conversation and is now in their proverbial court.
  • Now – directors are ultimately responsible for what happens at camp? Who does it fall to?  Dean Phelps from KY said to “use us”.  Can we assign one of our regional ministers to particular weeks?  We see this as a definite need and we see it as a position that needs to be paid for and it is under the purview of the Regional Council.
  • Recommendation: We are asking the RCC to devote energy to this. Our suggestions are as follows:
  • We believe there needs to be a person at camp who directors can answer to handle liability and major concerns. We think this needs to be a paid position for accountability
  • Ideas :
  • Have someone on call each week (same someone? Different someone?)
  • Put in $10 sur charge for fee to pay for director for the summer
  • Have 1 person behind all the chi rho camps or otter camps or high school camps, here.
  • Regional elder as support? We don’t have a lot of energy around this because we think volunteer is not as powerful a message as a person who is helping
  1.  12:49 – talk about other important aspects of our committees – break off in committees

            – talking points to share with the region

            – vision pathway – short and long term pathway for monetizing camp

            – CCC purview

  1. 1:40 – report out
  2.  cc purview – Chad Delaney – link to the document they put out: 


  • Do we want to do some fundraising by adding items to the canteen for kids to buy? We need to talk to Wendy about if she would want support and other people in this proverbial kitchen? Is she comfortable if we take it away? What would be helpful for us to support this ministry? Who keeps the books for the canteen?
  • We need clarity of where the books for canteen lie (especially if this committee is responsible for it)
  • Fundraising campaign approved by RCC – just small things
  • Gerald has resources to help us create a CC website.  
  • We need to have a procedure for renting out camp (including policies and procedures)
  • We talked about how ted can get instruction on grounds issue from our committee.
  • They are going to send this document to RCC 
  • Summary of communication – Ali

– first- name who CC committee is and why we are in place 

– “it is a committee made up from around region clergy/laity with love of camp. It was put in place at Called Regional Assembly of 2019. It was put together to build up and maintain Camp Christian” starting with positive -we were able to finish mortgage – now we need to deal with  maintenance issues and plans for the future.

  • These are the projects we have taken care of:……….
  • These are the ways we are looking at making camp more handicap accessible
  • We are working on better communication – monthly updates – either on web page or something else
  • We are working on getting camp dates out
  • Discussion: 
  • Is there a way we can “debunk myths”?  Caution – what if people hear the “myth” and misconstrue it as fact?
  • IS there a way to have one person in charge of social media presence to propagate these talking points? Do we want to create a new page of CC meeting?  Should we do a blog page that links facebook/twitter/other such things?
  • Could we do an FAQ?
  • Can we make it digestible?
  • Ali asked if she can go ahead and make an official page for Camp Christian and  we tabled it
  • Monetizing camp report – Audrey and Bruce –
  • Think about what the purpose of camp is? We are not decided on this as a region.
    • A place to get married?
    • A place for belonging for kids?
    • Kids are over-programmed – they need camps that are more for their schedules including just weekend long or long weekends
    • Kids need camps that may not be disciple focused. 
      • Band camps?
      • Cross country camp?

            Need – policies and procedures – adult/kid ratio, mission of camp?, 

  • Selling the camp?
  • Discussion:  
    • What happens when buildings and grounds become more cumbersome than doing our mission?

VIII. Now What?

  • Talking points to go out to churches – should we send people out from this group to different churches to engage them with these talking points?
  • Green chair fundraiser idea – Chad
  • Winter-wonderland – Alecia – could we get some sort of winter programming here?
  • Renovating 1 bathroom in a cluster cost? – Chad – feedback from the kids is that the showers and the bathrooms are challenging. Once we know (including new shower heads, something for ground), we could renovate one and then challenge each leadership body to do one. – problem – paint needs to be stripped – but could we do it?  This could also be something that we contribute the labor instead of/along with the ask of money… so we are asking for the amt of $$ for supplies and then we supply the labor.

=> going forward: GREEN CHAIRS NEXT STEPS

  1. JIM will get specs
  2. We will then invite people around then region to do this – 35 chairs at $300 …$10,500
  3. Appt a person to “Work on it”: chad, ali 


  1.  Bruce & Tom are taking those forward and talking with Ted

            => CAMP ANGEL NEXT STEPS

  1. Ali – Let’s find out how many kids we can give scholarship to realistically.
  2. Alecia – we need to ask who needs the money
  3. There is already scholarship money but we need to make sure we are replenishing it.
  • 28 acres – we are not ready to approve sell as a committee

Ali made the motion and Bruce seconded.

Tabling it.

  • Next meeting for CCC: we are tabling this as well. Ali suggests Chad and Alecia (and the committee) review the notes and think about what we need to do next. Perhaps we meet in committees next or get in “Task forces”

IX.  Follow up for Gladys & Wendy

Questions for Gladys:

  • Is it assumed for 2020 budget that we are selling 28 acres? 
  • Doesn’t a capital campaign have to go before the national church?  What about an international thing? A director that was paid to do this? Was this approved? We see it is in the budget; WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THIS?
  • Where are “the books” for canteen? Shouldn’t we have it since we are benefitting from it?
  • Gladys – the $10,000 we are raising for fundraising – does it go in the main budget? Could it be something “in kind” like some of our fundraising ideas?

Follow up for Wendy:

  • Do you want help with canteen? Can we get in there and brainstorm how to help with raising money through canteen? 

Prayer at the end – thank God for camp and for the many hands who make it work and continue to love God

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